Pravasi Welfare Fund


The poor response to the welfare fund for Pravasi from the Mumbai Malayalees has made the Malayalee leaders and organisations about the gravity of the situation. After a long agitation and meetings with several ministers of the past, the Kerala Government conceded the demand of Mumbai Malayalee organisations under the leadership of Keraleeya Kendra Sanghatana. Now when the demand is met, the poor response to it has awakened the leaders who worked very hard for it. The reorganizing committee of KKS has decided to make Pravasi Malayalees aware of the importance of this fund.

Though the quantum of benefit is small, pravasis should take advantage of it as this the only formal link of them with the State, they point out. Unless majority of Malayalees subscribe to it, more benefits cannot be demanded, they point out.

For details, contact 7738997666.

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